Monumental Brass.

pasr calls for artists Monumental Brass.

Monumental Brass.

Bekijk de afbeelding op ware grootte

Artists are invited to send in drawings that will be engraved into MDF using CNC technology
The engravings will be displayed to the public in such a way that they can actively interact by making brass rubbing.
Materials to make the brass rubbing will be supplied free of charge. In this way we would like the public to actively engage themselves with contemporary arts.

Artists are invited to send in drawings that will be engraved into MDF using CNC technology

The engravings will be displayed to the public in such a way that they can actively interact by making brass rubbing.

Materials to make the brass rubbing will be supplied free of charge. In this way we would like the public to actively engage themselves with contemporary arts.

Background information brasses and incised slabs.

In the medieval and early modern periods in particular, monumental brasses and incised slabs with a design cut into its surface were popular forms of monuments or memorials to cover the tombs of those buried inside churches.
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Brass rubbings are created by laying a sheet of paper on top of a brass and rubbing the paper with wax crayons.

Artists are asked to make their own design that reflect our times and the artists own surroundings. Important details:

  •  send black and white digitised designs (high quality)
  •  the drawings will be engraved into MDF 300-500mm (compressed wood) using a cnc engraving machine.
  • if your design get chosen, we will send you a brass rubbing of your engraving+ 1 rubbing of an other participants work.
Send us your Image file (max 2mb)
Short description about you
Short description of your work that you submit


location Geborgenkamers 3

The geborgen kamers 3 are located at the Ambachtsgaarde found on the south west outskirts of the Hague. The neighbourhood was built-up in the 60ties and since 2007 the area is undergoing major renovations and rebuilding.

background information
The Hague in co working with social/cultural organizations entrust certain buildings to artists. The artists use the buildings for working space and often get involved with the workshops of the community arts organizations. A few art initiatives found the ground to develop their projects in their own space. One of them is Gaidaro, active since 1999. It has always been internationally orientated, with multilanguaged artists and travelling exhibitions; here, it brings this moving diversity to its own space.
In 2006 the “geborgen kamers” first opened on the Brandtstraat nr.158. situated in Transvaal of The Hague – Holland, a neighbourhood that is going through changes; building wise as well as demographic.
In 2007 they moved to the Hertzogstraat nr.152. also in Transvaal of The Hague.
In 2008 they moved to their current locating in their Ambachtsgaarde.

Ambachtsgaarde 14 and 16 Den Haag
2542 EE ‘s-Gravenhage

from 2008-2011

the location is now an action supermarket

Geborgen Kamers van Mama’s Arts

Tekst in jurk

De prachtige jurk
nog een stuk borduurwerk in de jurk


Veel foto’s, maar wat ik zag in de tentoonstelling in onze wijk Vrederust “Geborgen Kamers” van Mama’s Artswas zo indrukwekkend!

Het is een project van Stichting Gaidaro; een organisatie die door kunstenaars is gecreëerd waarbij wordt teruggekeerd naar de basiselementen van kunst.

Er wordt op diverse wijzen met textiel gewerkt.

Helaas, de tentoonstelling is bijna afgelopen; dit weekend, komende vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag 12 t/m 14 december zijn de laatste dagen dat je ze op de Ambachtsgaarde kunt bewonderen.

Ik laat maar een hele kleine selectie zien van alle kunstwerken; er was zoveel te zien en te bewonderen….

Overigens, de tentoonstelling zal zeker ook andere steden aandoen; waar ze hierna zullen zijn is onbekend.


De foto’shierboven zijn onderdeel van een prachtige jurk die door diverse mensen in een workshop is gemaakt.

Allemaal geborduurde teksten en foto’s van de mensen die hebben meegedaan en natuurlijk de jurk zelf.


Ook was er een prachtig stuk prachtig knoopwerk zie de foto hiernaast.


Geborduurde schilderijen:

geborduurde schilderijen

en nog een

Hieronder een van de kunstenaars bij haar werk dat ze tentoonstelt.

Zij komt niet uit Nederland, en toont dit door middel van een soort mand, waarin ze al haar herinneringen (thuis, familie enzovoorts) altijd meeneemt.

Echt een aanrader daar een bezoekje aan te brengen!

herinneringen meenemen

Arti 08 with ART-ID

At a last moments call the geborgenkamers were invited to show their work at the art show Arti 08 with ART-ID.

At a last moments call the geborgenkamers were invited to show their work at the art show Arti 08 with ART-ID. We managed to put up part of the miniatures with the works that were donated to us, the wooden installation and the screening of Art within. The reactions were very positive. Of course we used our time to bring Mama’s arts to the people’s attention with our flyers.


In the meantime boxes and parcels are coming in with the works for the Mama’s arts exhibition, and arrangements are being made to show the art-within in Athens, Greece


ART within: the artist in the workspace

  • Art with in was presented on Saturday 27 September 2008 with great success. We will present this video at other events during the year.

    If any other artist would like to include their video please contact us


Films of artists in their work processes. The conversations of the art makers with their own tools and languages. Artists and filmmakers worldwide were invited to send in films showing artists while working, that being in the atelier, outdoors or anywhere an artist produces his/her artwork.

Een aparte collectie van films over het proces van kunst maken. Een blik op het echte werk van de kunstenaar in 12 onthullende presentaties.

The programme of the screening (total length 1:30 hours approximately):

01scratch.jpg1. “Live Drum ‘n’ Voice” – Scratch Attitude – U.K.05:43

Short film of a live art piece performed in the Window Gallery of Central St Martins Art College, Soho, London. Part of a 12-night residency.



02peter_kirusha.jpg2. “Artist: Oleg Burjan” – Peter Kirusha – Russia08:58

This video is about the artist preparing for the creative process.Sometimes such preparations take more time that the desired creation itself. Here, mostly close-ups are used to obtain further insight into the artist’s psychology.


03rolina_Nell.jpg3. “Appearance” – Rolina Nell – Netherlands03:16

The film is showing the artist while working on the installation appearance at the Pirozi Street neighborhood, a very traditional neighborhood in East Tehran, Iran. The installations show shapes of women cut out white wallpaper. At the streets of Iran it looks like they do not have an identity, they all wear black. The artist was impressed by the women who wear little tiny details to show their own identities.


4. “Der Held & Ich / Me, Myself & the SuperHero” – Catherina Conrad – Germany18:15

Superhero is hitchhiking on his way from Munich to Finland. Without any money and super abilities he is in need of other people’s help. The film tells about Johnny Amore as a person and as an artist in a constant conflict between the norms of society and the urge to realize his own ideas.

5. “Enter the Dragon” – Nathan Boyer – U.S.A.01:28

Three short videos under the same title talking about the artistic process. However, only the middle one takes place in the artist’s studio.It adapts sound from a classic martial arts movie (Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon”) to tell a vignette about a young artist, alone in his studio, interacting with the idea of art history in the form of Jackson Pollock. The clichés of the martial arts narrative match up with the general cliché of an artist’s relationship with the past and the specific clichés of abstract expressionism.

6. “Placing Crossing Circle – FocAR group – Romania09:30

PLACingCROSSingCIRCle is a art documentary movie having the same name as the art project. It developed in Romania, in Cucuteni village, county Iasi. The project consisted of three elements: placing, crossing and circle (installation, performance and land-art). The theme was ephemeral condition of human and the superior values of the spirit. The idea of complementary between man and woman is brought into discussion using as a method of expression Neolithic ornament belonging to Cucuteni Culture.

7. Dertiende of veertiende voorstel/ hoe het gebeurde” – Chris Brans – Netherlands – 02:19

The video shows some of the energy in which this solo exhibition was created.


8. “Capital” – Marianna and Daniel O’Reilly – U.K. – 07:05

This film presents a conjunction between two different records inspired by the prospect of a short stay in Rome. The first record was borne out of the question ‘How does one take an original photograph in this most photographed of cities?’ and the second comes from a letter written by a philosopher to his own future self which is to be read in ‘The Eternal City’. By combining these two separate enquiries we see a parallel emerge between the concepts of historical time and psychological time; an individual man’s future is defined amidst the ruins of Man’s past whilst, simultaneously, an individual man’s past leaps forward to seize upon and ruin the prospects of Man’s future.

9. “F_art” – Alin Duraduryan – Netherlands02:06  

10. “Dream painting” – K_Van – Netherlands – 03:00

11. “IVANOV-The Circle” – Tszman Chan – Hong Kong/U.K. – 12:37

The video is a record of 12 hours painting – performance – installation “The Circle” by London / Papa Westray based artist Ivanov, which took place in May 2008 in Berlin

12. “Making the scenario for Cuore di legno” – Lemeh42 – Italy23:00

In this video Lemeh42 are building a part of the scenario for their last work “Cuore di legno” (Wood heart). This work focuses on the practical part that is, lots of people usually don’t think about it, the essential of art, the art in its making. Moreover, according to their ironical state of mind, they decided to apply a time lapse effect to the original video and add a particular soundtrack. This has been done not to make the video less serious, but as an homage to the silent era of cinema. They aim to reflect on how art today is losing its point.


start of Geborgen Kamers III

Geborgen Kamers III kicked off with a screening of Art with in during a neighborhood festival. Since our last location in Transvaal a lot has happened.

Emails and post has been pouring in about art with in, mama’s arts and especially the hanging gardens. We have send 5 subsidy applications, namely to the Oranje fonds, Stichting Doen and Fonds 1818. All with a request for financial assistance for the Geborgen Kamers. All our applications have been rejected. Like previous years the subsidy foundations feel we do not accompany their target group, and so we will run our projects on low budgets financed by ourselves (Sofia Kapnissi and K_Van). Last week we sent out a new subsidy application for the Hanging gardens to the city of the Hague and we will hope to receive news by December. In the mean time our personal belongings (household) is stored in the exhibition space of the geborgenkamers III. Our temporary housing arrangement came to an end in the summer. K_Van

On Saturday the 15th we opened the exhibition “mama’s arts”. It was an amazing day, summarizing the obstacles that we came across all the last period. The stream of visitors started at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Of course we were not ready, they could only see one of the two spaces. We actually finished setting up the exhibition at 6 in the evening, just when the opening time had come. Then everything went smoothly; people were really observing the artworks. It did not look to me as a usual opening night where people come to socialize. The response was from positive to enthusiastic. On Sunday we also had visitors during all 5 hours that we were open. Sofia

FreeArt is smuggled into the homes of people

4 January to 13 January 2008

FreeArt started in June 2000 with the distribution of ART disguised as sales folders.

In 2007 we will disguise the art work as colouring posters

With this we wanted to examine When is art Art?


We based our approach to the answer as follows:

For Art to be Art we need 3 factors and then you will have the root of the matter.

  1. the person who is the artist.
  2. the object that is art.
  3. the group that confirms that the object is art.

Free Art is smuggled into the homes of people disguised as colouring in posters. With this we confirm the artist and the object. To make the art object ART we need an authentication from the public. If a member of the public prompts a responds by following up on the web link left on the artwork and follows through with a response we can confirm that the art we made is ART. Artists have started making colouring in posters, photocopying them and distributing the works to their local primary school, community centres, libraries, hospitals or even dentists’ waiting rooms.


Exhibition around the world

7 December to 16 December 2007

Exhibition around the world will hold 5 identical exhibitions at the same time in different times zones.

De tentoonstelling around the world toont 5 identieke tentoonstellingen tezelfdertijd te houden in verschillende tijdenstreken.


The mechanism


  • 10 artists make digitized artworks.
  • The digitized artworks are emailed to 5 different exhibition spaces.
  • The digitized artworks that are received by the exhibition places are printed out.
  • Each exhibition space will have an identical set of 50 artworks.
  • Result, 5 exhibitions spaces showing the same work.

Exhibition around the world deals with the exchange of art on different levels, across territorial boundaries. The artworks that was made in an familiar setting will be displayed to the eye of new cultures.

How are the works displayed?

How do the works interact?

What will the reaction be?

These are the question that the artists are asking .

follow this webpage and see how each exhibition is set up.

../images/stories/Geborgen_Kamers/program/time_zone_world (Small).jpg

Committed partners

University of Toronto :: Danielle Williams
Kulturwerkstatt Uferstöckl 3313 Wallsee Austria :: Eva Hörschläger


Genesee Community College U.S.A :: Linda Anderson


Sydney, Australia :: Julia Abraham






GeborgenKamers, the Hague Holland :: Sofia Kapnissi, K_Van













Julia Abraham


Oil on Canvas


Julia Abraham

Flower Paths

Acrylic and Wool on Linen


Julia Abraham

Mnemonic Binding

Oil and Burlap on Canvas


Julia Abraham

Interior Priorities

Video Still (Performance)


Jennifer Tran

FD1 a

Mirror and Red String (Installation)


Jennifer Tran

FD1 b

Mirror and Red String (Installation)


Lingsi Lu

Anubis from series: The Complexities of an Eclectic Devotion



Lingsi Lu

I’ve Heard Rumours of True Reality



Alison Groves

Thom confronts his portrait

Photograph and x-ray film


Alison Groves

Framed audience

UV light (Installation and Performance)


geborgen kamers

the Netherlands

Andrew K. Erdos, Mark Hursty, Nick Garofoli


Handmade paper over Blown Glass, Video Projection, Wood.


Arian Flo

Fashion victim

Collage and drawing


Daniel Meyers


Acrylic on paper


Jessy Rahman

Exotic Air

A tree made of sewer-pipes with crocodiles as leaves and

cleaning soap -bottles as fruits. The exotic smell coming

from the soap-aroma and also inflatable crocodiles are

both part of contemporary artificial environment. Is it because

our native products are not enough suitable anymore?



She said ‘I want to experience a place

that no one has ever seen before.’

She picked up the ball, a mighty whack!

She ran after the ball. After three days

she stopped, she was lost. It was a lonely

planet with no guide book; a lonley lonley planet.



Malena Merlo


acrylic on canvas


Shanti Barr

Tropical levels

ink on paper


Gregers Lohse

her smile



Maria Horianopoulou


Acrylic on canvas and found frame


Sofia Kapnissi

Day 17 of 360

Ink on paper


Kulturwerkstatt Uferstöckl 3313

Wallsee Austria

Balkhya Kusainov

Remembering ancient Kazakhstan

drypoint etching


Eva Hörschläger

Babies got no chance

acryl on canvas


Ferdinand Reisenbichler

Mother`s Day



Gitta Merl

oil on linnen


Hannah Feuchtner

Door to an other world


Peter Huemer



Rudi Hörschläger

When the pig started to believe



sandra steiner

bright days



Therese Eisenmann



120 x 180cm


Valery Ruppel


ink & acryl on Bütten-paper


Genesee Community College


Linda Anderson

Dutch Work

mixed media on board


Brent Cox

In America

acrylic on paper


Lacey Woulfley

Around Horses

acrylic on paper


Casey Tonaus

Violent Time

pencil on paper


Sheryl Klein

Self Portrait

mixed media on paper


Amber Capwel

Assorted Confusion

pencil on paper


Ryo Onoda

Green/Yellow Dynamic

acrylic on paper


Tatiana Fisher

Color Expo

acrylic on paper


University of Toronto


Alex Coley

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

digital manipulation




Alex Coley


digital photography


Anna Mancuso


digital photo




Elena Soboleva & GT

albergo coldcut

photograph, 2007

Issha Marie


digital manipulation

December 2007

Issha Marie

My Bloody Valentine

digital manipulation

December 2007

Mariuxi Zambrano

casting ache

– mix media – my underwear, gesso, pins, and acrylic on canvas

year: 2006-07

Samantha Lau

New York Streetscape

Intalgio: Edition of 1/10, 2007.

Miniature art exhibition

18 November to 2 December 2007

cover copyall 43 artworks are for sale at the uniform price of 50 Euro

An international collection of miniature artworks no larger than 7 x 7 cm

The miniature project – in which both the miniature artwork and accompanying text requires a close inspection by the viewer – is an experiment that attracted artists from many different countries. They responded to the open call for artworks that the Gaidaro foundation had set out following its “open doors” policy. This policy is to erase the boundaries of the usual artistic circles of any city or country.

alle 43 kunstwerken zijn te koop op de uniform prijs van 50 Euro

Een internationale collectie van miniatuur kunstwerken met een maximale grote van 7x 7 cm
Het miniaturen project- waar het miniatuur kunstwerk en bijbehorende tekst om een gedetailleerde kijk van de toeschouwer vraagt- is een experiment dat kunstenaars van vele verschillende landen aantrok. Zij antwoordden op een oproep dat de stichting Gaidaro met zijn “open deuren” beleid had opgesteld. Dit “open deuren” beleid is gericht op het overschrijden van de gebruikelijke artistieke circuits van een stad of land.

works of / werken van


Throughout the history of arts miniatures have been made for books. They are the visual extension of the written word. In most cases the text is religious or erotic, sometimes in the form of poetry. As we examined the poems more closely we were amazed. We tried to understand the poetry of words that fulfils the poetry of the images. As visual artists we start from the image and let the words accompany from a distance, sometimes even allowing words to sharpen the meaning of the artwork. The miniature project – in which both the miniature artwork and accompanying text requires a close inspection by the viewer – is an experiment that attracted artists from many different countries. They responded to the open call for artworks that the Gaidaro foundation had set out following its “open doors” policy. This policy is to erase the boundaries of the usual artistic circles of any city or country. The accompanying catalogue contains all 43 works and their paired sentences. The pictures are the full size reproduction of the artworks shown in the exhibition.


Door de kunstgeschiedenis heen zijn miniaturen altijd voor boeken gemaakt. Ze zijn de visuele uitbreiding van het geschreven woord. Vaak is deze tekst godsdienstig of erotisch, soms in dichtvorm. We keken met verwondering naar de poëtische tekst en probeerden de poëzie aangevuld met de poëtische beelden te begrijpen. Als visueel beeldend kunstenaar beginnen wij met het beeld en laten de woorden van een afstand het werk begeleiden, maar soms laten we de betekenis van het woord het kunstwerk aanscherpen.Het miniaturen project- waar het miniatuur kunstwerk en bijbehorende tekst om een gedetailleerde kijk van de toeschouwer vraagt- is een experiment dat kunstenaars van vele verschillende landen aantrok. Zij antwoordden op een oproep dat de stichting Gaidaro met zijn “open deuren” beleid had opgesteld. Dit “open deuren” beleid is gericht op het overschrijden van de gebruikelijke artistieke circuits van een stad of land. De bijgaande catalogus bevat alle 43 werken en hun bijbehorende zinnen. De afbeeldingen zijn op ware grootte gedrukt zowel als de kunstwerken die tentoongesteld zijn in de expositie.


cover copy


Bia Gayotto U.S.A.

Activism starts with a small feeling.

Activisme begint met een klein gevoel.

archival pigment photograph


Malena Merlo France

Taming my own private chaos.

Temmen van mijn eigen persoonlijke chaos.

acrylic on cardboardacryl op karton


Andrew K.Erdos & Matthew Corson-Finnerty U.S.A. ORGAN CELEBRATION! A gloriously idiotic spectacle that steals your attention and wastes your time with intentionally thoughtless actions, useless activities and fucked up rituals!

ORGEL CELEBRATIE! Een glorieus idioot schouwspel dat je aandacht steelt en je tijd verspilt met opzettelijk gedachteloze acties, nutteloze activiteiten en achterlijke rituelen.

video still video still


Ellie Griva Greece The surrealism of existence.

Het surrealisme van het bestaan.

ink and pencil on paper

inkt en potlood op papier


Hasani Odion Egypt

Colour can tell fertile earth.

Kleur kan vruchtbare aarde herkennen.

water colour pencil on paperaquarelle potlood op papier


Eirene Mavodones Belgium

Changing directions.

Verandering van richting.

acrylic paint on mdf acryl op mdf


Mikhail GruevBulgaria

The story ended well for everyone.

Het verhaal eindigde goed voor iedereen.

photo foto


Larisa Galipova Russia

Whatever happened to bikinis?

Wat is er gebeurd met de bikini’s?

water colour on paper aquarelle op papier


Jared Macken U.S.A.

Two abstracted systems converge.

Samenvoeging van twee abstracte systemen.

found paper,

inkjet print over pencil drawing gevonden papier, inkjet print op potlood tekening


Launa Bacon U.K.

Graphite, ink and pastel study of original painting “Scribo Croat”

Grafiet, inkt en pastel studie van origineel schilderij “Scribo Croat”.

mixed media ge mengde techniek


Luke Trenwith Australia

Rebuilding needs daily practice.

Herbouw vraagt om dagelijkse oefening.

inkjet print inktjet afdruk


Wendy de Boer The Netherlands

Always be proud of what you have …

Look back and see what you already did …

enjoy things twice.

Wees altijd trots op wat je hebt,

kijk terug en zie wat je al hebt gedaan,

geniet van dingen twee keer.

acrylic on paper acryl op papier 


Mauricio Molina Chile

Salud delicada.

Kwetsbare gezondheid.

water colour on newspaper extract

aquarelle op krant fragment


Nataša Ivanović Serbia

There is today because of tomorrow.

Er is een vandaag omdat er een morgen is.

acrylic acryl –SOLD-


Gregers Lohse Denmark

Everything is me, nothing is me, everything is me, nothing is me, everything is me.

Alles ben ik, niks ben ik, alles ben ik, niks ben ik.

pen and pencil on paper

pen en potlood op papier –SOLD–


Nasiyah Ashar Pakistan

In the Name of God.

In de Naam van God.

opaque water colours, the traditional “Mughal Technique” of painting miniatures called “Guch Rung”

ondoorschijnend aquarelle volgens de traditioneel “MughalTechniek” voor miniatuur schilderen genoemd “Guch Rung” –SOLD–Elpiniki

Elpiniki Tsanti Greece

We had all the time in the world.

We hadden alle tijd in de wereld.

crochet haakwerk


Katy Brennan Ireland

Frogmen usually lie.

Kikkermannen liegen meestal.

water colour pencils on paper aquarelle potloden op papier


Sofia Kapnissi The Netherlands

My grandma’s handicraft was not symmetrical.

Mijn grootmoeders handwerk was niet symmetrisch.

embroidery borduurwerk


Toula Chatziioannou Greece

Don’t panic.

Geen paniek.

ink on paper inkt op papier


Giorgio Giordano Italy

Couples before they reach maturity.

Koppels voor dat ze volwassenheid bereiken.

photo foto


Maria Horianopoulou Greece



mixed technique – collage ge mengde techniek – collage


Adelina Medina Chavez Spain

Sometimes it is encouraging to transcribe ideals to miniature forms.

Soms is het aanmoedigend om idealen over te nemen in miniature vormen.

digital print digitale afdruk


Jack Prins The Netherlands

…. In search of structures and patterns in city and country… ….

Op zoek naar structuren en patronen in stad en land ……..

metal metaal


Susan de Kruiff The Netherlands

Johannesburgstraat 40, Transvaal.

Johannesburgstraat 40, Transvaal.

photo foto


Lies de Boer – Blijleven The Netherlands

Mystery lady in the dark.

Mysterieuse dame in het donker.

mixed media gemengde techniek


Morito Aya Japan

When the sun turns black I put a red line around it.

Wanneer de zon zwart wordt teken ik een rode lijn eromheen.

paper, cloth, plastic net papier, stof, plastic net


Boudewijn Schrijver The Netherlands

Space III.

Ruimte III.

water colour aquarelle


Jaromil Tibor

Slovakia Smoking guns for kids.

Rokende geweren voor kinderen.

computer drawing on photographic paper computer tekening op fotopapier


August Dubois Canada

My car is prepared for the cold and so am I.

Mijn auto is gereed voor de kou dus ik ook.

photo collage fotocollage


K_Van The Netherlands

At night Julian returns the leopards to the trees.

‘s Nachts brengt Julian de luipaarden terug naar de bomen.

water colour and ink on paper aquarelle en inkt op papier –SOLD–


Ismini Assimaki Greece

The yellow light always cheers you up.

Geel licht maakt je altijd vrolijk.

acrylic acryl –SOLD–


Felix Koch Germany

Shoes support feet, feet support legs, legs support buttocks.

Schoenen steunen voeten, voeten steunen benen, benen steunen de billen.

photo foto czv02

Deon Anderson U.S.A.

Chicago boogie woogie without the arty stuff.

Chicago boogie woogie zonder de frutsels.

pencil on transparent paper potlood op tranparant papier


Aldo Kroese The Netherlands

Das Leben Der Anderen

Het leven van anderen (Wet Werk en Inkomen Kunstenaars)

photocopy paper fotokopie


Alet Kortenoeven The Netherlands

Two and two and two is six.

Twee en twee en twee is zes.

mixed media gemengde techniek


Valia Gouzia Greece

Deep breath.

Diepe adem.

pencils, ink, collage on paperpotloden, inkt, collage op papier –SOLD–


Vesta Kroese The Netherlands

Concrete, zeestraat Den Haag.

Beton, zeestraat Den Haag.

photo collage fotocollage


Bibi Budzynska The Netherlands

Universum in het universum.

Universe in the universe.

collage collage –SOLD–


Shawn Stucky U.S.A.

I am continually inspired to create art that inspires a person to visit a familiar, but unnamed emotion.

Ik ben voordurend geïnspireerd om kunst te creëren die een persoon inspireert om een bekende maar ongenoemde emotie te ervaren.

acrylic on chipboard acryl op mdf –SOLD–


Simone Ten Bosch The Netherlands

Remember the voices of the monks in Burma .

Herinner de stemmen van de monniken in Burma .

colour pencil gold and silver leaves

kleur potlood goud en zilver folie –SOLD–


Devi Battacharjee India

What luck to see the ships of greed depart.

Wat een geluk om de schepen van hebzucht te zien vertrekken.

water colour on paper aquarelle op papier



Arian Flo France

I believe in the God of War; I am a flag maker.

Ik geloof in de God van Oorlog; ik ben een vlaggenmaker.

collage on paper collage op papier